Transport of seated patients in a licensed taxi:

If you wish to travel for medical reasons, our taxis are licensed to transport sick, injured or disabled people (non-electric wheelchairs) in a seated position.
(non-electric wheelchairs) in a seated position; we will ensure that your journey is as smooth as possible.

We can also accompany you inside the establishment and take care of your administrative documents.

And in case of hospitalization, we can bring you or come to look for you to your room and carry your heavy luggage.

06 22 33 19 67

Health insurance approval number: finess 132566589

Our taxi service provides the following medical transportation:

  • Hospitalization (full, partial or outpatient)

  • Discharge from the emergency room

  • Consultation

  • Functional rehabilitation

  • Radiotherapy

  • Chemotherapy

  • Dialysis

  • Fitting

  • Medical check-up

  • In connection with an accident at work or occupational disease

Taxi conventionné

In order to be covered by the health insurance organisations, the transport must be prescribed by the doctor before being carried out.

A request for prior agreement, made by your doctor to your health insurance fund, is necessary for transport over 150 kilometres.

The patient or his or her family are free to choose their taxi. The taxis in your commune offer the advantage of transporting you regardless of the distance.

Contact your taxi for information and to draw up your application for reimbursement.

Click here to view a Medical Transport Prescription sheet
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